Donald Trump is a white terrorist, who has been attempting a coup, and 57% of whites voted to reelect him. You cannot have people with the status of whiteness and have democracy.

White identity is unfit for government. This is not biological. This is not about the gene that causes light skin. This is political. This is about a political identity based on a false claim of purity and the subjugation of Black people.

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“In the South of the United States, the entire race of whites formed an aristocratic corps at the head of which stood a certain number…

It’s you; it isn’t us

Top: White terrorist with his foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Bottom: The Birth of a Nation racistly depicts Black legislator with feet on desk

My mind is still processing the picture of a white terrorist with his foot up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. And the song “What It Feels Like” by Nipsey Hussle and JAY-Z brought it up again with this line:

“You let them cr**k*rs storm your Capitol, put they feet up on your desk.
And yet you talkin’ tough to me. I lost all my little respect.”

The picture reminds me of the film The Birth of a Nation and its racist depiction of a Black lawmaker with their feet on a desk. After I first saw the picture, it took me…

Photo by Jakayla Toney from Pexels

Every writer has their preferences and style. I pay attention to racist and antiracist language and usage. I noticed the recent talk about capitalizing or not capitalizing race categories. But I’ve long settled that one: Lowercase w because white needs to come down; capitalize the B in Black because a shift in society must occur.

I know debating language and terms is tiresome, pedantic, and seemingly useless. But I believe what bell hooks says about language also being a place of struggle is true.

I like how bell hooks says, “The oppressed struggle in language to recover ourselves, to reconcile…

Your responses to white media on the right aren’t good enough

Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty/Fair Use

Over the next four years, the Biden administration will repeatedly demonstrate the active role white liberals have in the oppression of Black people and people of color. On Friday, February 5, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did a weak-ass job responding to white media on the right.

Let’s look at these questions and answers:

Q: And then, just further on that: There was — Jake Sullivan mentioned the focus on domestic terrorism yesterday, of this administration. I think a lot of people want to know: How does this administration define the term “domestic terrorist”?

MS. PSAKI: In what way?

They sure as hell ain’t innocent

On Tuesday, January 26, before signing an executive order on “Racial Equity,” President Biden said this:

Black and Latino Americans are dying of COVID-19 at rates nearly three times that of white Americans. And it’s not white Americans’ fault, but it’s just a fact.

Again, that’s what Biden had to say at the signing of an executive order about racial equity.

As part of my commitment to give white liberals hell, I’m here to say no, no, no, Joe, it is white Americans’ fault. …

Point AND shoot

I recently saw this tweet on Twitter: We’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us we’re asking you NOT to shoot us like you DON’T shoot them!

It’s a sweet tweet. It stopped my scrolling. It convicted me, and it conflicted me about my feelings. But I’ve decided the “We” in that tweet doesn’t include me. During the latest white terrorist attack on the Capitol, the police should have shot more people than I can count. The white building should’ve turned red.

A few days ago, I listened to Retired General Barry McCaffrey say if you try…

With all the focus on the white violence at the US Capitol on January 6, let’s also recognize and rebuke the white violence that comes from the US Capitol regularly.

The US Capitol has always been a site of white violence. The physical structure of the US Capitol, and much of the work that goes on there, is not worth anyone’s tears. The white terrorist attack on January 6 brought together different sides of white violence in the same space.

The US Capitol began as a site of white violence with its construction. In the Capitol’s history, its construction was…

Colorblind impeachments are pathetic and complicit

The House of Representatives has impeached Donald J. Trump twice. And Rep. Cori Bush said what needed to be said the first time the House impeached Trump:

“Madam Speaker, St. Louis and I rise in support of the article of impeachment against Donald J. Trump. If we fail to remove a white-supremacist president who incited a white-supremacist insurrection, it’s communities like Missouri’s 1st District that suffer the most.

The 117th Congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of Black lives. The first step in that process is to root out white supremacy, starting with impeaching…

Trump is another white damsel in distress

The latest white mob that stormed the Capitol resembles white mobs of the past. And repeatedly in history, white women incited white violence with false allegations. White women’s false allegations called to white paranoia, which called for white solidarity, which incited white violence, which maintained white dominance.

Look at what Jenn Jackson says about white women and lynching:

“there remains a proclivity among progressives to protect them [white women] from criticism. This stems from a long historical trend and practice that allows for white women to actively engage in white supremacy while feigning helplessness.

In the post-Reconstruction era, many Black…

The president’s senior advisor works for whiteness

White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller is an architect of Trump’s white policies, and the blueprints are transparent. The Southern Poverty Law Center published a report that analyzed 900 of his emails, and the recipient of Miller’s emails told Hatewatch, “What Stephen Miller sent to me in those emails has become policy at the Trump administration.” Miller exemplifies how whiteness gets made.

He works from a basic plan: trump up criminal charges against non-whites, spread white theories, implement white policies, defend white innocence, claim white victimhood, and then lie — or be open about it all. On Miller, when…

Sam McKenzie Jr.

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