Donald Trump is a white terrorist, who has been attempting a coup, and 57% of whites voted to reelect him. You cannot have people with the status of whiteness and have democracy.

White identity is unfit for government. This is not biological. This is not about the gene that causes light skin. This is political. This is about a political identity based on a false claim of purity and the subjugation of Black people.

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“In the South of the United States, the entire race of whites formed an aristocratic corps at the head of which stood a certain number of privileged individuals whose wealth was permanent and whose leisure was hereditary.” …

Point AND shoot

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I recently saw this tweet on Twitter: We’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us we’re asking you NOT to shoot us like you DON’T shoot them!

It’s a sweet tweet. It stopped my scrolling. It convicted me, and it conflicted me about my feelings. But I’ve decided the “We” in that tweet doesn’t include me. During the latest white terrorist attack on the Capitol, the police should have shot more people than I can count. The white building should’ve turned red.

A few days ago, I listened to Retired General Barry McCaffrey say if you try to break into Buckingham Palace, you’ll be shot. He said, if you try to break into the White House, you’ll be shot; if you try to break into the CIA, the Pentagon, or a military base, you’ll be shot. …

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With all the focus on the white violence at the US Capitol on January 6, let’s also recognize and rebuke the white violence that comes from the US Capitol regularly.

The US Capitol has always been a site of white violence. The physical structure of the US Capitol, and much of the work that goes on there, is not worth anyone’s tears. The white terrorist attack on January 6 brought together different sides of white violence in the same space.

The US Capitol began as a site of white violence with its construction. In the Capitol’s history, its construction was under Jefferson Davis, the Secretary of White Violence, known at the time as the Secretary of War. …

Colorblind impeachments are pathetic and complicit

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The House of Representatives has impeached Donald J. Trump twice. And Rep. Cori Bush said what needed to be said the first time the House impeached Trump:

“Madam Speaker, St. Louis and I rise in support of the article of impeachment against Donald J. Trump. If we fail to remove a white-supremacist president who incited a white-supremacist insurrection, it’s communities like Missouri’s 1st District that suffer the most.

The 117th Congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of Black lives. The first step in that process is to root out white supremacy, starting with impeaching the white supremacist-in-chief. …

Trump is another white damsel in distress

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The latest white mob that stormed the Capitol resembles white mobs of the past. And repeatedly in history, white women incited white violence with false allegations. White women’s false allegations called to white paranoia, which called for white solidarity, which incited white violence, which maintained white dominance.

Look at what Jenn Jackson says about white women and lynching:

“there remains a proclivity among progressives to protect them [white women] from criticism. This stems from a long historical trend and practice that allows for white women to actively engage in white supremacy while feigning helplessness.

In the post-Reconstruction era, many Black Americans, especially men, were systematically targeted and hunted by white mobs in the name of “protecting” white women from the myth of the “brutish, sexually-uncontrollable” Black man.” …

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The president’s senior advisor works for whiteness

White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller is an architect of Trump’s white policies, and the blueprints are transparent. The Southern Poverty Law Center published a report that analyzed 900 of his emails, and the recipient of Miller’s emails told Hatewatch, “What Stephen Miller sent to me in those emails has become policy at the Trump administration.” Miller exemplifies how whiteness gets made.

He works from a basic plan: trump up criminal charges against non-whites, spread white theories, implement white policies, defend white innocence, claim white victimhood, and then lie — or be open about it all. On Miller, when whites cry foul and far-right, it’s as if they believe whiteness has justifiable ways and means. …

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On white paranoia and the making of white solidarity

Just imagine if any Republicans had stepped out of line; Donald Trump would’ve “counterpunched” them. After his impeachment, Trump boasted that “every single Republican voted for us.” That show of white solidarity comes from white paranoia.

White paranoia is inherent to whiteness. It makes white knees knock as Toni Morrison described in her essay “Making America White Again.” In the book The Machinery of Whiteness, Steve Martinot says paranoia is an “essential element” of “white racialized identity.”

The incantation of “I feared for my life” immediately incarnates whiteness for whites, and even the fears whites have about each other make up white paranoia. White paranoia trembles today for tomorrow’s “majority-minority.” …

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You can’t impeach Trump without impeaching whiteness

Nancy Pelosi wore black to the impeachment vote, but Donald J. Trump and his impeachment are all about whiteness. Politicians say impeachment is sad, but a colorblind impeachment of Trump is pathetic.

There’s no way to impeach Trump without impeaching whiteness because Trump is thoroughly white: Trump’s father was a white German; Trump is a real estate mogul and whiteness itself is property; Trump switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party; Trump’s voters voted for whiteness; Trump employs white supremacists; Trump has the support of white supremacists; Trump redirected resources away from white domestic terrorism; Trump supports white policies, and Trump relies on lies, slurs, and state power — to include a state power in the Caucasus region — for his relevancy. …

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‘Uncle Joe’ was grandfathered in

For many Black voters, the former Vice President Joe Biden is their top pick in the 2020 presidential race to go up against white racism. And Biden’s decisive lead among Black voters resembles a grandfather clause.

After the Civil War, Southern states instituted a grandfather clause to enfranchise poor whites and justify Black disenfranchisement. The grandfather clause exempted illiterate whites from voting restrictions, like literacy tests, primarily intended to block Black voters.

Biden’s grandfather clause also exempts him from the literacy tests that should cancel his candidacy immediately. …

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Whiteness elected Trump, and it has no business laughing at itself

The NATO leaders weren’t laughing at Donald Trump alone. Those NATO leaders were indirectly laughing at America’s whiteness too because America’s whiteness elected Trump. Trump represents and reflects America’s whiteness, and America’s whiteness is Southern.

Here, white leaders from North Atlantic countries are like Northern whites who think they’re better than Southern whites. Trump’s whiteness isn’t respectable to them; that’s why they ridicule him. This is like Northern whites who trash Southern whites to feel better and assert superiority.

And Trump’s unapologetic whiteness is Southern: He praised Robert E. Lee, and pundits say he’s like George Wallace. His “America First” is the foreign policy of “states’ rights,” and his red hats with the “MAGA” slogan descend from the Red Shirts, the Redeemers, and the White League of the Reconstruction Era. …


Sam McKenzie Jr.

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