Being “pro-white” is so redundant and so ridiculous

Here’s what I’ve noticed — racists these days don’t even have the gall to admit they are racists.

“Racist” is a name they no longer want to claim.

So now, it’s a common practice for white supremacists to water down their message.

They even have a campaign called “it’s okay to be white.”

In April 2018, “Newsweek” reported a rash of diaper boxes at Target stores had laminated cards inside with the slogan, “It’s okay to be white.”

Can you imagine getting one of those dirty diaper cards?

That’s the message white supremacists want to spread.

But I want to scribble, “yes, but; yes, but; and yes, but” over the whole thing.

I have so many asterisks, I could create a universe.

What I’ve noticed is, if you press these racists, many will say they aren’t “racists” but they are “pro-white.”

I’ve had this same conversation with a white supremacist on Twitter.

They’ll say they don’t “hate” other races.

And, they expect every race to be pro their race. Some say being pro-white is like being pro-Black.

Well, first, no one should trust a simile from a white supremacist. They’re incompetent and incapable of fair comparisons. (Okay, that’s not a simile, but you know what I mean!)

And how audacious of them to steal from the groups they blame.

This is the worst form of cultural appropriation ever.

Is “pro-white” supposed to be better or innocuous?

Well, let me be clear — pro-white is not palatable. It’s insidious, and it’s indigestible.

My system can’t process this “pro-white.” I’m allergic and intolerant to this milky whiteness. This is some runny shit that gushes out and we must flush it as soon as possible.

Okay, let me say it in a more formal way:

Being pro-white is redundant among other ridiculous things.

This “pro-white” talk is ancient white supremacy with a facelift and new outfits. But, it’s demented, frail, and riddled with osteoporosis.

Despite those facts, I fear people buy these feeble pro-white lines.

But, here’s one glaring problem with this slogan, to be “pro” anything means there must be forces to oppose something.

That’s why being pro-Black makes sense and it can be anti-racist. There are systematic forces that work against Black people which justify being pro-Black.

But this is not the case for white people.

The entire world turns for white people.

White people still dominate top positions in corporate America, politics, the presidency and its legacy, the media, and much of life in America.

A simple dictionary definition for pro-white is “supporting and favoring white people.

So, let me work with that definition.

Here’s what I find — by definition, America is pro-white.

The criminal justice system is pro-white. Politics is pro-white. The media are pro-white. And, Hollywood is pro-white.

Employment and pay are pro-white. The share-economy is pro-white. The tech industry is pro-white. And, algorithms are pro-white.

Savings accounts are pro-white. The educational system is pro-white. And, history books are pro-white.

Marriage rates are pro-white. Adoption rates are pro-white. HIV is pro-white. And, poverty is pro-white.

Even freaking life expectancy and infant mortality rates are mostly pro-white.

By definition, those issues, entities, and factors all support and favor white people.


Because America is a white supremacist nation being led by a white supremacist.

And yet, these pro-white people still think white people need more support and favoring?

And, they insist America needs a white majority.

But, these horrific pro-white facts have little to do with numbers.

Sure, there’s strength and dominance in numbers. But, white people have been the minority in places and they still dominate and control societies.

It’s not the numbers, it’s the power and equity.

So, I say, pro-white people need a better understanding of whiteness.

White people didn’t make whiteness from, or by, rightness. Whiteness is a miscalculation.

Whiteness rigged everything, and it’s skewed. It’s an overestimation this country continues to inflate.

So, there’s no need to be pro-white, it’s an overkill.

And anyone who is pro-white is just a white supremacist with a thicker and denser hood.

But, let me be clear on one point, hate groups or conservative groups aren’t pro-white alone.

Liberals and progressives can be pro-white, too.

The polls show us white people afraid of cultural changes to America are pro-white.

Liberals and progressives who don’t support policies of redistribution are pro-white.

And, we know in everyday life, white people show their anti-Blackness and pro-whiteness by their attitudes and actions.

So, there’s no need to feud over these points, that’s what the survey says, family. The bell has dinged and I can read the sign.

But, if I must, I could point to white flight and self-segregation.

I could point to every needless call to the police.

I could point to implicit bias tests which show 80% of white test takers prefer white people.

It’s plain to see, we have too much pro-white.

So, to be pro-white is like a prejudice hyperactivity disorder. It’s an overgrowth of racism. It’s racism that’s insatiable, rabid, and ravenous.

And, please, please understand this too — being pro-white doesn’t stop with white people.

One thing that amazes me is how white supremacy does not need white people to be present.

White supremacy is that bad all by itself. White people are not even necessary for it to operate.

How’s that for privilege? Please shake your head one good time with me.

White people can benefit remotely, from a distance, with teleworkers for white supremacy. It’s a vast VPN with viruses for everyone. And white supremacy can inflict harm through a proxy and proxy servers.

Just as a woman can be a tool for patriarchy, so too can people of color be a tool for white supremacy.

Many people are at work for white supremacy, and their work is excessive and extreme.

Now, I’m not here to offer any “work smarter not harder” advice, no. But pro-white people work too hard.

I’d tell them to look around and cease from their lies and labors.

Quit trying to legitimize racism. Quit acting like white genocide is a thing. Quit acting like America isn’t already pro-white.

We don’t need more of that anywhere.

We must delete the redundancies while we uproot the root issues that keep growing.

Since pro-white people rewrite and recite the same lines and lies, we need a bigger eraser to erase racism.

It’s time to take the chalk, people.

And, we must cut this hate talk, at once, for all.

We must be pro-equality and pro-equity. That’s where to place all the “pro” efforts. So, let’s join each other.

Because pro-white is just another blight on society and the world.

Don’t buy the lies. We should all know by now, it’s never right to be pro-white.

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