Donald Trump Did What White Women Did

Trump is another white damsel in distress

The latest white mob that stormed the Capitol resembles white mobs of the past. And repeatedly in history, white women incited white violence with false allegations. White women’s false allegations called to white paranoia, which called for white solidarity, which incited white violence, which maintained white dominance.

Look at what Jenn Jackson says about white women and lynching:

Trump says witch hunt. I say white womanhood. As Trump falsely claims Democrats and RINOs screwed him, he’s doing what white women did.

Trump is a white mob boss, and he plays the role of white women. I’m not calling Trump a bitch. I’m not saying Trump is a punk. I don’t use those words. I’m asking whether the white man who grabbed white lady parts plays the part of white ladies?

I’m not asking for a friend, but I asked a friend if my comparison is fair because I have wild thoughts with all kinds of fallacies. My friend said, “Donald Trump is a damsel in distress.”

I agree. By calling Trump a white damsel in distress, I am not minimizing his violence. Whiteness is violent and mannish. White womanhood must have violent and mannish qualities because whiteness is what it says it is not. The white part of white womanhood makes white womanhood violent and mannish.

Perhaps 55% of white women voted for Trump because he’s more than halfway doing what they do and have done. White women choose Trump not only because he’s a white shield but also because he’s a white mirror.

Trump is a beauty. Trump is a pageant of white beauty. I see white womanhood in him.

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