Here’s why Democrats have no message that connects

and why dumping Trump isn’t enough for voters

Sam McKenzie Jr.
4 min readOct 22, 2018


When people glance at the two major political parties, many say Democrats have no message except to dump Trump, and somehow that message isn’t enough to connect. Even those who oppose the Republican Party, find Democrats bland and without a plan.

It’s obvious, Republicans have a magic sauce working for them to create a more cohesive party, plan, and supporters that Democrats don’t.

Republicans have their slogans. They have their battle cries. They have their hats. They have 3 branches of government. They even have a single cable news station. Republicans have a certain spirit that’s not as strong in the Democratic Party.

But the Republican spirit is not one Democrats should desire. The Republican centerpiece that holds their party together, and centers all their plans is white supremacy.

The Republican Party is the party of white supremacy.

That statement is observable, objective, and the Republican objective. White supremacy is a plank in both parties, but in the Republican Party, it is the widest, sturdiest, and the most obvious. This party uses dog whistles and blow horns so that the regular, raw, and the refined racists come running. For Republicans, racism is the great uniter.

Look at these stats:

  • The Kellogg School of Management found that 52% of Trump voters believe Blacks are LESS EVOLVED than whites.
  • A 2018 poll by YouGov found that 59% of Republicans believe Blacks are lazy and just need to try harder to be as well off as whites.
  • And 70% of Republicans believe diversity hurts white people.

Racism is the deafening and defecating elephant in the room of Republicans.

And really, that fact makes Republicans the biggest asses of all. The data shows that Trump voters voted for Trump not out of economic interests, but out of racial animus which is the ultimate identity politics. Racism is the reason for this Republican season.

Racism is that strong. Racism resonates, it resounds, and it registers. In a racist regime, the liberty bell doesn’t reverberate the same as the calls to racism. Racism is in the political race, and racism is the Republican advantage.

White racism, as it wrongly does for people of color, demands that Democrats work harder and be better.

The Democrats can talk all they want about Trump, their plans for health care, college affordability, jobs, and immigration, but none of their talk will call over those who vote with, and for, whiteness.

The former governor of Alabama, George Wallace, said he started his campaign talking about roads and schools, but people didn’t stomp the floors with enthusiasm until he spoke about segregation.

It’s the same today; racism enthuses the Republican Party.

The historical record shows that nothing brings white people together like racism. In fact, over the years, white identity has expanded and redefined itself for racism and oppression.

With history as an epic example, white independent and swing voters still fold their arms and ask what are the Democrats going to do?

But shouldn’t racism be enough to reject the Republican Party? The answer is too often a no.

Opposing racism should be all Democrats need to win.

Racism is a system of inequality; all of its policies will oppress someone.

Anyone who votes for Republicans, regardless of their reasons, votes for open racism. It’s that simple. This isn’t about a reasonable difference of opinions, strategy, or messaging. Racism polarizes America because one party is openly racist and desperately thirsty for oppression and profits.

Sure, Democrats need to do better, but Democrats are better.

It’s unfair, and racist, for white voters to hold Democrats to higher policy standards when the Republican Party has one revolving and rigid standard of racism.

Republicans may create jobs, but they don’t like raises; they aren’t interested in raising all Americans.

Republicans reject the fundamentals of equality, equity, and humanness. Please read again, 52% of Trump voters said Blacks are less evolved. Republicans are the party of dehumanization.

For indecisive white voters to demand more from Democrats is a ridiculous standard only a middling racist would require. Democrats should not have to be more and do more to lull and lure white voters away from the magnetism of racism.

We can’t. We won’t. It’s all rigged with racism.

With white voters still a major voting bloc, the physics and physicality of white supremacy are too strong.

So, even if the Democrats secretly desire to change the demographics of America — with legal immigration — only a white supremacist can blame them.

If the current electorate won’t change, we have to change the electorate, and some changes are easier than others.

As long as open racism is the most potent and desirable message for white voters, the disconnect with Democrats will remain.

Let it.

Some things people shouldn’t connect, and that’s why Democrats aren’t winning just yet.