How to use “not all white people” statements

and how not to use them. Your PSA for the masses

That said, “not all white people” is actually important to share with certain people by certain people.

In his letter to his nephew, My Dungeon Shook, James Baldwin mentions white people who believe they are superior.

Here’s my observation — “not all white people” is not the best phrase for interracial use.

Those who wield qualifiers should be in the line of fire. It’s the people who can be the targets of oppression who need to know about the exceptions from people like them.

Here’s another thing — most Black people already know white people aren’t all the same.

In her essay, Know Your Whites, Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom says, “knowing your whites is to be intimate with some white persons, while critically withholding faith in white people categorically.”

It’s best for white people to aim their “not all” statements at each other — in private and directly.

If a white person doesn’t see themselves as the issue, then they should interfere with other white people who are the issue. The white people who are the issue need to hear and read those “not all white people” statements in private and directly.

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