I wish Democrats were an angry mob

Mobs and gobs of anger, please

Obviously not the Democratic Party

onald Trump is serving and sampling a new slur ahead of the midterm elections by calling Democrats an angry mob, and this slur Democrats should openly embrace.

The slur slingers, like Trump, project their own issues and deficiencies with their slurs. With the angry mob moniker, Trump is projecting his anger and that of his followers.

Trump is the rouser of an angry mob that’s red in the face of their status shifting.

Mob boss Trump incites his tone-deaf chorus to chant the well-rehearsed and crowd-pleasing battle cry of ‘Lock Her Up.’ During a rally in Montana, Trump even praised the convicted congressman who body slammed a reporter.

Trump is a statesman of sorts with slurs.

And slurs, if they stick, aim to shame, stereotype, and silence their subjects. But it’s a common practice to subvert slurs as a mockery of the makers and to wear them as a badge of honor.

Trump supporters latched on to Hillary’s deplorable label that appropriately named the big basket many of them fit.

Democrats should own the angry mob label.

Trump can’t rightly demonize all anger and every mob. Being an angry mob doesn’t make the anger, or the mob, villainous. Even more, being an angry mob doesn’t make the mob’s target virtuous.

It still matters why a person is angry, and what they do with their anger. Anger indicates an issue or a problem. Righteous indignation is still righteous — and necessary.

But, in this sick society, it’s also insufficient to be angry as an individual alone.

Democrats need mobs and gobs of anger to be effective. Mobs can get things done. It’s time for Democrats to be angry, but they aren’t.

Maxine Waters issued a call to protest Trump officials, and the Democratic leaders distanced themselves from her as they criticized her.

I agree with Maxine Waters. I welcome the free exercise of the right to boo and shoo politicians. Federal politicians should answer to the public, and if those questions or complaints come at the airport or a restaurant, the time is ripe and right. City mayors say their constituents approach them all the time.

Trump’s new, blue slur is red-meat fearmongering. It makes Republicans the victims who must run to the ballot box. And that’s fine; let them. Democrats need to do the same. Voting is an appropriate use of anger.

But in Trump’s world, only his supporters are justifiably angry.

America has a disgusting double standard for anger. Too often, onlookers justify protests and anger by who does them rather than why.

It’s common for the powerful to weaponize, control, and vilify the righteous anger of marginalized groups to include the anger women feel, and express, relative to men.

For me, the demonizing tropes of the angry Black person proceed and follow me. My anger is threatening and abrasive to those who seek to maintain the status quo of supremacy under the guise of civility.

And yet, when white people destroy public property after a football game, they’re called zealous fans. But when Black people articulate the language of the unheard, we’re called animals.

James Baldwin famously said, “to be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

This anger comes from awareness and identification. The only way not to be angry at the Trump administration is to be unaware and unaffected.

Democrats know Trump is a racist, sexist, lying, and self-aggrandizing demagogue. They have reasons to be angry every day.

I officially welcome the entire Democratic Party to the Black and Brown treatment and response. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson said Trump is “starting to treat white people like they’re the n-words.” Be mad at Dr. Dyson, not me, those are his words.

But if Dr. Dyson has a point, the new ones to this treatment should tear and shred the repeating pages of respectability politics from their playbooks.

Trump supporters now see Democrats as an angry mob and snowflakes. That odd combination reminds me of the way white America painted Black people as violent and docile.

Hey, Democrats! Choose the angry mob slur over the docile slur.

But I know Democrats won’t become the angry mob because this slur scares Democrats.

When something like an ouster openly unites Democrats, Democrats may be on the verge of becoming an angry mob.

But even then, the reason justifies the rage.