Let me tell you why I boo and give the boot to the Roseanne reboot

To borrow a line from a recent response to one of my stories, my brain is bucking and balking at the rise, resurgence, and return of Roseanne.

What kind of world do we live in where we have Black Panther, Blackish, a recent Black President, Trump, and Roseanne II?

To be clear, I don’t have anything against the working class. I live in Baltimore! My partner wears a blue collar to the post office six days a week.

So, I don’t harbor anything bad for working-class whites. But, I do have lots against the suggestion that they are the worst and the woe-is-me class.

Working class does not always, or usually, add up to poor pennies, especially among white people.

Have you seen the average salary of Trump supporters? Some working-class people are sitting on banks and businesses that will make your eyes water and POP.

And the fact that they are particularly highlighted, among the working class, is a high privilege that only serves white supremacy.

So, some of this working class, forgotten man and woman shadowy shit is nothing more than panhandling for pandering.

And, look, I will be honest and show all my damn cards and say — it’s Roseanne as a Trump voter that rubs and ruins me.

Now, I’m not surprised that Roseanne is a Trump voter, no. There are Hollywood tapes accessible of her grabbing her own pink pussy and mocking the nation. So yeah, this isn’t a shocker, it’s just a shocker that we have to see it again.

I just can’t handle any portrayal of Trump voters who are normalized and idealized. Read me carefully, I respect the right to vote. But that doesn’t mean I must respect the vote or the voter. To me, they are all sellouts at best.

When you justify all things with “a good economy,” it’s wrong, and it’s a selfish sellout that lasts for four years long.

Trump voters went back to the store and returned all the goods we got from the last administrations. They returned all the gains we made to save money they won’t ever see.

Can you trust anyone who puts money before human decency? Those excuses make for serious problems in our country.

So, no, I have no rah-rah for Roseanne, not when we know why Trump voters voted the way they did.

I can’t justify this portrayal of betray me politics.

Not when we have an abundance of data on the viewpoints of Trump voters. So, Roseanne as a Trump voter is unacceptable.

And, it does nothing for me that the show has other progressive characters or themes. Nuh-thing, I tell you! That doesn’t make it cute or blunt the blow of a lead character who embodies all that’s wrong with the country. Any light from the liberals in the lens of this show is just tokenism and utterly worthless.

Now, if the show plans to give Roseanne an arc then we can look and see. If the show will chart out how to wake people from their mad worlds, then I might be interested.

But then again, IRL, Roseanne is a Trump supporter, so that ain’t happening on this show. And if not, then what are we doing here?

Why not have a show about David Duke? I mean, if you vote for a racist, you support racism, it’s that plain and that simple. I just feel like Richard Spencer will be watching Roseanne too.

Does racism, or, those who support racism — Trump voters, have any place in our society? That was what politicians were saying after Charlottesville, “racists have no place in our society.” And, I agree. By “place” I mean no platforms and no prominence.

Because, I’ll tell you, a little bit of that racism goes a long way, too damn far.

Let’s be real too, this is also about capitalism because everything in the US comes back to the money, honey. And Hollywood executives know there are dollars to be made from the diners of this TV dinner.

I don’t trust anything they say about the show. This isn’t about political discourse. There’s plenty of talking in our country, there’s not enough thinking, thinking, and thinking. So, I’m just blinking, blinking, and blinking.

This is about money and whiteness which is the ultimate hit-maker formula. Roseanne is overt whiteness reheated and ready for consumption again — now. It’s shake n’ bake that I will not help to make.

So, no, I can’t get with the Roseanne reboot. She made history, but she is not the future I want to see today or tomorrow.

So, I will boot it and boo. There’s nothing funny here. And this does not make America great. It makes America a very sad and sickly one once again.

Mini Update: after drafting this post, I looked on my DVR. The Roseanne show had been recorded by the lead character in my world, my partner.

We don’t see eye to eye, and that’s okay. I won’t be watching and I’ll tell him why. But, I don’t feel the need to change his mind.

Maybe that’s what Roseanne is trying to do and say. Even still, not sure I need the show to do that. Thinking more about this, I’m reminded about my post about Splitting with Paula Deen.

That was my first major post on Medium and I keep coming back to that lesson over and over. I struggle with dichotomous thinking. And my lesson from My Split with Paula Deen is that people are not usually all good or all bad.

So, surely that must include Trump, Trump voters, and Roseanne too, right?

I’m still going to pass on this reboot, but I will do everything I can to reboot empathy. I guess I can thank Roseanne for that, thanks Roseanne!

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