No, Joe, It Is White Americans’ Fault

They sure as hell ain’t innocent

Sam McKenzie Jr.
4 min readFeb 6, 2021

On Tuesday, January 26, before signing an executive order on “Racial Equity,” President Biden said this:

Black and Latino Americans are dying of COVID-19 at rates nearly three times that of white Americans. And it’s not white Americans’ fault, but it’s just a fact.

Again, that’s what Biden had to say at the signing of an executive order about racial equity.

As part of my commitment to give white liberals hell, I’m here to say no, no, no, Joe, it is white Americans’ fault. A majority of whites just voted for a coronavirus-spreading, coup-leading, disgrace to humanity, and you want to say something is not their fault?

C’mon man! Not on my watch.

According to the New York Times, 80% of the faces of power in the United States are white, and you want to say something isn’t their fault? And it wasn’t that long ago that the site Who Leads Us said that 90% of all elected leaders are white.

Even if you attribute the disparities to systems, structures, policies, and comorbidities, the fault belongs to whites. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about dead whites or living whites; it doesn’t matter if we are talking about elite whites or everyday whites; the fault here is white, whiter, and whitest. And plenty of them whites were and are Americans.

I want justice. And my justice must find fault; otherwise, we’re talking about settlements or charity. I need justice. And whites are at fault.

If anything, the thing to say here is that COVID disparities aren’t the fault of Black Americans and Latino Americans because it’s very likely whites blame Black people and Latino people.

Instead, we get “It is just a fact,” which must be the old-white-liberal -man version of “It is what it is.” But how did it become a fact, Joe? Don’t facts have causes and histories? Biden is acting like Candace Owens on this one. He’s offering facts without factors. His facts have no backs.

The coronavirus disparities are the consequence of white America’s actions and inactions. The coronavirus disparities are exactly what you should expect in a white racist nation. This is what white racism…