Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York

Republicans Think Javelins for Ukraine Are Black Unemployment Numbers and Criminal Justice Reform

But nothing can exonerate the president of whiteness

Sam McKenzie Jr.
2 min readNov 22, 2019


The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, particularly Elise Stefanik, insist the Trump administration has been better for Ukraine than the Obama administration. According to the tacky talking point, the Obama administration gave Ukraine blankets and the Trump administration gave Ukraine javelins. According to the racist reality, everyone should recognize and reject those familiar attempts to wipe clean the fingerprints of thuggery.

Those assertions by Republicans are bare and partial facts with no backs. They’re flimsy statements that people stand up to defend their positions. They’re points yanked out of context that people dangle to distract.

This is the white party working to secure white innocence under the banner of white benevolence. This is the white party seeking to decriminalize white villains and make white knights. And this is the white party demanding gratitude as it points out what it did for you and says you should want to do for yourself what it expects you to do.

This is familiar. It’s Trump saying he’s not a racist because of Black unemployment numbers and criminal justice reform. It’s an…