Stop the shears that assault Black people now

The shearing of Blackness cuts more than hairs, and hair is more than hair.

The shearing is in language — as the sharp scissors of supremacy cut a strict and fixed pattern of language. White America ridicules and rebukes African-American Vernacular English until enough white people use it and then it’s added to dictionaries.

Blackness “as is” — is good enough.

Assimilation must not absorb and obliterate every difference. That’s not melting, that’s meddling and menacing.

Why do we have to go through this at all?

It doesn’t matter how many terabytes we have to catalog the terrible ways of whiteness because — the same biting shit happens repeatedly.

So, Black outrage must roar with hot tears, clenched fists, and hoarse voices.

Whiteness has no interest in peace for all. The shearing by whiteness must cease for there to be any peace. People are trying to live their lives, go to work, go to school, and fight the battles they already have — in peace. But the white shears keep coming and cutting.

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