The Accessory That Was Ivana Trump Is Dead

Sam McKenzie Jr.
3 min readJul 19, 2022

No one is only one thing in life and death.

But I must say that Ivana Trump was a long-standing accessory to Donald Trump. No court of law can adjudicate what she did and what she supported. Only the court of public opinion can settle her type of accessory to wrongdoing. That’s why she has earned this rebuke.

When she was alive, I can’t say I thought much of her. She didn’t arouse rage in me the way Melania’s disgraceful presence in the White House did. But now that Ivana Trump has died, I need to review and reflect on her life.

In her case, the “for better or worse” part of her marriage vows to Trump is not so easy to dissolve. She helped raise him to what he became. She supported a rapist and a demagogue. She encouraged a terrorist.

And we have her words as proof: In recent interviews before she died, Ivana said she was pro-Trump. She encouraged Trump to tweet more. And she also agreed with his immigration policies.

In case you forgot, that mother-of-three said she was for the man who separated families at the southern border. She supported a man who started a coup which killed people.

I’ll say what you won’t read elsewhere: Ivana Trump was in the same league as Osama bin Laden’s wives. Look at what the New York Times said of bin Laden’s wives just last year:

“two of his older wives were highly educated, with doctorates in Koranic grammar and child psychology. They helped write his public statements and curate his public image; they engaged in discussions with him on strategy.”

Because white identity is a form of terrorism, you can’t be married to someone like Trump who is so committed to white identity and not be linked with terrorists and terrorism. Ivana Trump was the bride of a monster. Ivana Trump was the bride of Frankenstein. And everyone knows Frankenstein wasn’t the name of the Monster.

There isn’t any joy in my words. This is not a celebration of death. The word “witch” may apply and she is dead, but I am not offering any dings or dongs.

This is a horror story made by white Americans of the United States because Ivana wasn’t alone in her support for a man who did what bin Laden couldn’t. Around sixty percent of whites voted to reelect him. And for the sake of whiteness, they’ll do it again.

I don’t deny that the truth hurts. I just insist that it hurt in life and in death. But I’m no vulture. I’m not here to feast on dead bones. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse. Instead, I believe in being honest about the living and the dead.

Ivana was basically the first Melania. She basically claimed she was the first lady. And as Trump’s first lady, one of her initiatives was helping to make him what he is. Those are horrifying and shameful facts of her life.

According to MSNBC, there’s little protocol for honoring a first lady’s passing.

I have an idea. Tell the truth.