The protests to support patriarchy are pathetic

An offensive use of human resources is to protest for, and to protect, patriarchy.

People in all spheres take a pitiful stand for patriarchy.

I heard a protest for patriarchy when Bill Cosby’s spokes-asshole erroneously lamented a “sex war” that’s somehow captured Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh as victims.

I heard a protest for patriarchy in the tandem tirades of Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

I hear a penile and senile protester in Donald Trump who seamlessly blends patriarchy with whiteness without fail.

These protests are absurd because men are doing fine in America.

And because men are doing too well, it’s so disturbing that Trump supporters — to include white women — rally behind his fake cause.

Patriarchy is a multifaceted system that men created, but women can support, lead, weaponize, and wield parts of patriarchy too.

So, I also blame women for patriarchy too.

I’m all-the-way red with a raging anger at male actors and accomplices, but I also recognize that no form of oppression requires the primary beneficiaries to operate.

White supremacy doesn’t require white people for it to work, and patriarchy — in the most brilliantly bad way — doesn’t require men at the helm to trample people.

Patriarchy’s secondary beneficiaries, and even the victims, will pump and carry the sustaining water to refresh a thirsty oppression.

That’s why I’m also pointing my extremities at Camille Cosby, the other women in Cosby’s camp, Julie Chen-Moonves, the women who cosigned and conspired with Kavanaugh, and the Trump women who stand by with smug smiles.

Look at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

She dutifully stands at a podium to promote the lethal combination of whiteness and patriarchy as a mandated routine financed by America’s taxpayers.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Kellyanne Conway are not exceptions. The Diamonds and the Silks are exceptions.

Too many women, especially white women, make themselves into the most useful human shields for patriarchy.

It’s a shame that Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are even question marks on the most basic answers.

And the voter data screams at me. It won’t let me overlook how white women repeatedly say grabs and gropes aren’t germane to governing.

And so, the most ardent, righteous, and thorough lady anger must also take issue with some of its obvious parts.

People furious about patriarchy are blind if they never look at women — especially white women.

It’s time to realize that patriarchy’s favorite face is female.

My unspoken prayer is that the future becomes female in every way except — with patriarchy.

And I believe the media shares the blame for the female face of patriarchy.

I need not see another freaking representative from “Women for Trump” in my life.

I have had enough of the TV ads and press conferences featuring women supporting Kavanaugh.

But I know a woman who supports patriarchy can get a prime-time spot as fast as a Black Trump supporter.

It tickles patriarchy to have women do its bidding, just as white supremacy is glad to have a Black face.

This is why the white Republican senators were quick to hire a white woman to question Dr. Ford.

And that’s why Donald Trump mentions the outraged women when he makes a case for his bold-faced and lying nominee.

Women also don’t believe women. Women also chant “Lock Her Up.”

The sinister saying “boys will be boys” doesn’t belong to any sex.

As a man, I am a flawed messenger against patriarchy.

Patriarchy pays me with pennies I don’t want to pinch. And while patriarchy punishes men too, I don’t understand the most punishing sides of patriarchy.

Perhaps it’s money, love, power, complacency, racism, or the perceived protection of patriarchy that motivates the devoted patrons of patriarchy.

I blame the silent and complacent men, and I blame the vocal and voting women who support patriarchy.

And for women, particularly white women, patriarchy pays a fixed but reliable social security. For those women, patriarchy is a deceptive safety net with gaping holes. It’s clear, white women who support patriarchy are content as the demeaned queens.

But it’s a demented and dastardly deal with the devil for women to align with patriarchy.

I can only wish there’s a special place in hell for enablers, but I know enablers create a special hell.

Patriarchy still burns like a fire with women tending and sending the flames too.

Even still, a record number of women are running for elected office. For the House, 239 women are running for office. For the Senate, 23 women are running for office. And with governorships, 16 women are running for their states.

Instead of spreading the fire, I hope these women will extinguish the fire and refuse to warm themselves by the fire.

Patriarchy has many protesting devils, and the she-devils count too.



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