She went way beyond with this minstrel ministry

The religion of white supremacy still crucifies Blackness

without a reprieve or a resurrection

Sam McKenzie Jr.
4 min readOct 23, 2018


Priscilla Shirer, an actress, speaker, and the daughter of the megachurch pastor Dr. Tony Evans, told a white audience she doesn’t describe herself as a Black woman, and her words are a condemnable example of how white Christianity irreverently crucifies Blackness.

Shirer said our adjectives describe our nouns, and to call herself a Black woman gives her Blackness too much power. Instead, Shirer describes herself as a Christian woman to sidestep the aisle that merges with racial identity.

White evangelicals praised her hellish comments as good news, but from Black people, her comments sparked the most righteous hail of criticism.

In the aftermath of a rebuking flood, for which she had no savior or ark, Shirer has apologized and reaffirmed her proud status as a Black woman.

But still, she said it; the mouth speaks from the heart. Shirer recited the chapter and verse in the gospel of white Christianity that faithfully seeks to make Blackness as white as snow.

History is gory and gross with the devilish ways white Christianity decimated cultures with its wrongheaded efforts to make people in its image.

It’s a spiritual abuse that’s overtly offensive as white Christianity wants a white Jesus without Black people — unless you’re in the choir, can thrill or tickle them with a sermon, or they can sponsor you for $30 a month.

This practiced and perpetual doctrine is a wasted way for white evangelicals to sit back in their pews and snooze as they never raise their hands or sway to the syncopated songs of racial justice that should at least move them to their knees.

For Black Christians, even those in Black churches, this damned dogma sinks us to a sunken place that subdues the fight against racism and blesses voting for politicians who punch us and punish us.

I’ve survived years of white Christianity; the religion of white supremacy that’s bad for Blackness.

It’s a Christianity that gets easily offended when it’s challenged to extend liberty and justice for all.