“This has absolutely nothing to do with race”

“Nope, not here, not this time.”

White America’s dangerous N.R.A. fired the nastiest shots at a children’s show, Thomas & Friends, because Thomas has a new Black friend, and the N.R.A. claims the show, with blue and gray characters, has nothing to do with race.

The N.R.A. superimposed Klan hoods on the Thomas trains to show how “social justice warriors” see the characters.

But the N.R.A., and the white people like them, fail to see how race is there even when it’s not plain to them.

These white people see themselves as the norm, without racial connotations, whether the characters or emojis are yellow, orange, blue, or gray.

This white America is hell-bent on inventing and replicating whiteness with the abstract, inanimate, and the obvious.

Here’s a common theme I see — White people claim something they do, or say, has nothing to do with race.

This claim is a towering middle finger that white racists raise and wave like a flag. They curse and ignore history, social science, and the present realities of race and racism.

We see this claim in politics, entertainment, and all facets of life.

Whether the example is — Trump’s racist rant about Mexicans, Trump’s election, the Muslim travel ban, Trump calling Omarosa a dog, Trump criticizing Black athletes and politicians, the white power sign, dog-whisles, police brutality, white people calling the police, gaps in stats, cartoon illustrations, or primate comparisons made by celebrities, politicians, and corporate marketing — we always hear the same line:

So, I’m left to wonder when the fuck does an act, depiction, word, or policy have something to do with race?

The answer from this white America is next to never unless racism comes with a Klan hood, an obvious racial slur, or it’s perceived as anti-white.

According to the Trump Administration — and a large part of white America — racism only counts for white people. This is why the Trump Administration is ready to tear apart college admission policies because they see anti-white racism.

Thus, the offensive message — that articulates white innocence and gaslights — is that race and racism do not exist or count against those of us without white outlines.

But I’m here to announce — those who invented race and racism — no longer get to deny race and racism.

When those who put race and racism in America say “leave race and racism out of it” we must say no.

What they mean is “leave race and racism alone” because they want to maintain the status quo of white supremacy.

These racists don’t want to face the hideous face of racism.

That’s why colorblindness is a conveniently luxurious imagination of whiteness. It’s a luxury that prevents white people from labor. And colorblindness is a white privilege that’s blinding. Instead of binding the races, colorblindness binds white racism and white supremacy.

That‘s why I say, America is post-racial. Yes, that’s right, we are post-racial. We are behind race and racism; race and racism are not behind us.

Race and racism are leading this country. And the responsible people with functioning eyes must acknowledge the facts of race and racism. White America has responsibilities.

White America’s responsibilities are to recognize and fix the problem.

White America can start by listening to people who say something is racist and exclusionary.

My demand to America is to see its hoods, lift its hoods, and destroy its hoods. If white America incriminates itself, then we’d be further along with restitution.

So, anyone who obliterates race, or refuses to see race, isn’t interested in solutions; their loud voices are useless and harmful.

And I must say, when we acknowledge race and racism we aren't being divisive.

The division is already there; it’s here and now. When we see and name race and racism, that’s when we should dissect the problem and devise a strategy to fix the problem.

So, yes, we must accept the critical race theory that the world is round and revolving with racism. We must search out and examine every part of society for race and racism. And we must assume race is ever there because — it is.

The persistent presence of race and racism is one consequence of racism that white America prefers to shirk as it routinely and robotically beats people with race and racism.

With white racism, white America isn’t trying to err on the side of caution. With white racism, white America selectively ignores safety and national security. From these white people, I never hear “better safe than sorry” on white racism because white America isn’t in danger or sorry.

But I say, until America shuffles the deck, expect me to play the biggest and boldest race card every day.

I will never fold or sit out this one. America must read and weep over what it has reaped.

Since the vicious game isn’t over, I have no choice but to deal with the hand this country has dealt.

And yes, oh yes, that has everything to do with race.

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