This is why as a Black man I hate patriarchy the most

Black male privilege & the whiteness of maleness

Maleness as Whiteness

When Peggy McIntosh named the advantages whites have as ‘white privilege,’ she based it on her gender studies with male privilege as one of her reference points.

So, my question is, what does patriarchy with all its privileges mean for me as a Black man?

Black Male Privileges

It sounds like an oxymoron that even Black males have privileges. But, sociologists say Black men experience male privileges too. They say we can see these privileges relative to Black women. Jewel Woods, a feminist author, and gender analyst has compiled a list of 94 Black male privileges in 12 categories.

The Pandora’s box of Patriarchy for Black men

Black male privileges stem from patriarchy. And patriarchy, with all its children, is a source of many problems for Black men too.

Patriarchy silences and shadows sisters who have struggles and solutions.

There’s no coincidence for why Dr. Cornel West is on CNN the most, or why we know names like Ta-Nehisi Coates. Scholar and researcher bell hooks says white America is often more willing to listen to Black males who assert themselves in a patriarchal manner than those who don’t. Could this be why there’s infighting between Coates and West because the spotlight isn’t shared with women?

Patriarchy wants to control, punish, and kill Black men, too.

Patriarchy, as a Black man, gives me privileges while it punishes. This is why studies about the hardships of many Black men can be true with male privileges. Racism punishes me as an individual and my whole race. But patriarchy tricks me with rewards as it punishes. Taken together with racism, patriarchy is a foe that’s hard to see and defeat.

Patriarchy makes the struggle worthless and the solutions impossible.

With patriarchy, I have the tools and the templates to oppress. Patriarchy has programmed me to take part in oppression and support oppression. And, I can deny its existence because I’m Black and a Black male. But, to do so is like being gender-blind. If I deny Black male privilege, then I deny the power and the ability to effect change too. And with patriarchy, Black liberation and empowerment are impossible because “there is no liberty or freedom for parts of a race.”

Patriarchy hates gay men.

With traditional straight men at the helm, patriarchy makes no room for gay men. Patriarchy may like how gay men don’t compete with them for women, but it abhors any hint of effeminacy. In the Black community, patriarchy elevates Black male heterosexuality above all other sexual identities. This is why we hear the concerns and grievances of Black male heterosexuals louder than those from the Black LGBTQ community. I hate how patriarchy shuts out the LGBTQ community.

No Love Lost

Patriarchy lives in all races and genders. The fact that I’d rather be a male than any other race troubles me. But now, I’m more aware of male privileges, so patriarchy can keep those returns. I want awareness, empathy, interventions, and equity instead.

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