When the racists believe you’re a racist


During one debate for Florida’s gubernatorial race, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum said he wasn’t calling his opponent a racist, but he said the racists believe his opponent is a racist.

The implication in Gillum’s quip is that sometimes we should look at what racists believe about others.

Sometimes, “like recognizes like” even when one of the two doesn’t want to admit that they both go together.

With white-supremacist beliefs, people give an awful amount of attention to the demeaning talk and beliefs about people of color.

But it’s kind of racist how racist ideology centers on people of color.

I’m curious if white people realize what white supremacist think of them.

In the book “Rising Out of Hatred,” the views white supremacists have about most white people are on exhibit for readers to learn from a credible source.

“Rising Out of Hatred,” tells the story of how Derek Black renounced his white-supremacist beliefs. Derek Black is a scion of white supremacy; his mom was married to David Duke, and Derek is the half-brother of David Duke’s daughters.

Today, through his book, articles, and talks, Derek Black reveals the thoughts and plans of white supremacists.

Recently, he told the New York Daily News that ending birthright citizenship has been a goal of white supremacists for decades.

From Derek’s book, it’s clear that white supremacists believe most white people, deep down, are just like them.

The white supremacists believe most white people, if pressed, will turn and burn against other racial groups.

They believe any goodwill by white people toward people of color only goes so far, and if the economy slips and dips — or if cultural changes are pointedly perceptible — most white people will become flushed and rush to the roost.

It’s as if white supremacists believe white people are sleeping monsters waiting for arousal, and white supremacists tirelessly try to stir and shake other whites to wake up now.

Can anyone say white supremacists don’t have a good basis for these bad beliefs?

White supremacists can also read the polls that nakedly display the shameful viewpoints of many white Americans.

When a poll said more white people feel like “whites are victims of racism and discrimination,” the eyes of white supremacists got wide and filled with happy tears.

They know white people don’t want anyone to call them a racist, but they also know those same whites cling to the belief that America is a white nation.

White supremacists can track the patterned footprints of white flight. They see how white people instinctively can’t tolerate too many brown numbers rising in neighborhoods, and they know that robotic and calculated sentiment transfers to the nation.

White supremacists believe white people will eventually function as a minority bloc and coalesce in the same ways people of color do.

White supremacists have held these views on white Americans for decades.

And much to their devilish delight, many white people prove them right.

Years ago, as Derek Black watched the Tea Party roll to a boil, he said he was “banking on the Republican Party becoming the white party.”

Derek Black knew white supremacists could further infiltrate the Republican Party, and Derek was right.

Trump voters vote and act like white genocide is a coming reality either by murder or by new cultures that will kill theirs.

These nasty talking points are a main entree of white-supremacist ideology.

For years, white-supremacist groups have been modifying their long-standing recipes of gross messages to make them appetizing for mainstream consumption.

Now many white people have high blood pressure, some of whom don’t care or know they are living the realized dreams of the most unsavory culinarians.

White supremacists have goals, and too many white people — based on the polls and their positions — are playing along rather than being goalies.

It’s still an outstanding question whether white supremacists know most white people better than most white people know themselves.

One aim of white supremacists is to unite the right, and they believe whiteness is right.

To prove white supremacists wrong, it’s up to white people not to be deaf and instead — go left.



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