Whiteness From the States Made a Mess of the Impeachment Hearings

Reparations must include the political power to end whiteness everywhere

aybe you don’t think impeachment hearings and reparations go together, but they do. The white party won’t impeach or remove Trump, and nothing can convince them. That obstruction is another reason reparations must include political power.

Why are white faces the face of the impeachment hearings? Many House Intelligence Committee members are in Congress because of the whiteness of their districts. Integrity in our elections requires America to counteract the ways whites got, get, and keep political power.

Reparations must come and come with political power. The platform of the Movement for Black Lives has a specific demand for political power with a focus on five areas: decriminalizing Black political activity, public financing of elections, voting expansion and protection, technology access, and the protection and funding of HBCUs. Each area is important.

Weighted voting is also necessary because whiteness requires a direct canceller. The public policy scholar Theodore Johnson recommends counting votes from Black voters at five-thirds, or 167%, for a period — as a symbolic inversion of the three-fifths clause. If that were the case in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham wouldn’t be a U.S. senator, and that would solve one personnel issue.

The whiteness coming from the states is a national problem.

Population numbers still matter and Stephen Miller works from the White House to increase white population numbers. Whites in power rig the numbers, abuse power, and interfere with elections. Population numbers that benefit whites are specious and delegitimized by corruption; they shouldn’t have significant weight in elections.

My feeling is that whites shouldn’t be able to elect anyone, for anything, anywhere, just by having a majority or a plurality. For whites to get anything done at all, anywhere in the country, whites should have to gain the support of those whose negation is the basis for white existence and identity — Black voters. That changes the political power in the whitest places like Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

The whiteness coming from the states is a national problem. White voters, and those in their party, elect many members of Congress because of whiteness and to work for whiteness. That makes Congress a messy place.

America’s political project should be to separate whiteness from the state. Washington, D.C. should become a state, and whiteness must become stateless — with no recognition, no representatives, no privileges, and no powers that be anywhere. Reparations for Black people, that include political power, will help to end the mess of whiteness.

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