You better have receipts for that cultural appropriation

Is there a supply chain for all this cultural appropriation?

Subjects and Targets

And, here’s what I want to know — where are the receipts?

Cultural appropriation has always been an industry. And multiple individuals and systems run industries.

But, my questions are about the production side too.

Do we think these celebrities have no one behind them? Are we supposed to believe they are lone actors? Or, is it possible more people form in a long line of thieves? I believe props of people are behind the curtain who support cultural appropriation.

Are Black people complicit in the appropriation of our own culture?

Could it be that we serve as the producers of our own stolen property, too?

And, I blame the markets too.

Because the market forces force Black creators into roles. People with purses and power only value the bits and pieces of Blackness that pigeonhole us. And if they pay for those goods, then a market has been created. This market limits and steals from the Black community.

But, I want to see all the bucks and all the faces on the bills.

The industries have made it so that the bills at the bottom and in the middle have Black faces too. We need to see and support those faces on their own.

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