You want to talk about “reverse racism?”

Recently, someone on Twitter randomly asked to question me about reverse racism, and then, I saw a story in The Economist about reverse racism; since the algorithm of reverse racism won’t leave me alone, I must face it head on now.

I hate racism; I want to end racism. But reverse racism? I’m still dealing with the worst racism. Reverse racism? I’m still drowning in the immersed racism. I’m focused on the routine, raging, and robotic racism in our republic.

Reverse racism reminds me of driving and shifting gears.

Usually, to reverse, a vehicle must slow down, or come to a stop, and then shift gears. Car manufacturers design most car systems to inhibit a car from going into reverse while in motion.

With reverse racism, the mighty forces of racism have not stopped for America to shift gears and go into reverse.

Newton’s first law of motion is apt and applies to racism. Racism is a social and cultural inertia. And America designed its system to prevent reverse racism.

So far, America has done nothing systematic to combat any racism.

America has no national standards for anti-racism education. America doesn’t even teach about its own civil rights movement.

America doesn’t conduct background checks for racism. In this nation, racists can be anything they want — even the president.

Implicit bias testing and training are not a standard practice across any industry. We have no national registry of racists, and racists suffer no tangible loss of rights or power.

With anti-Black racism, America has yet to form a commission to even study reparations, as if anti-Black racism is only an outdated history lesson.

As America continues to go forward with racism, it’s disingenuous for anyone to highlight reverse racism.

Those people just want everyone to say, “people of color can be racists too.”

And white people also want to maintain their individuality.

Okay, I acknowledge individuality; I do not acknowledge innocence. There are consequences to racism white people must endure. And most often what people call “reverse racism” is a response to racism. It’s self-defense and survival. It’s a reaction and a remedy to racism.

And these days, people pluck their pupils out because they see “reverse racism” online.

But my biting words that seethe and sink into white racism or whiteness don’t suggest, or believe in, racial superiority.

I am sensitive to generalizations and stereotypes, and the polls, stats, and the facts matter too.

For instance, if a poll tells me most white people don’t feel race is a factor in the workplace, that’s the majority opinion from that poll.

If then, I write “white people are clueless about what it’s like to be Black or Brown in white corporate America,” that is not reverse racism.

And since, in that example, the white tribe has spoken, any qualifiers are unnecessary.

I judge facts by their factors. And with white people — especially white Christian straight cisgender men — there’s no targeted and systematic oppression that works against white people to influence what I see.

America will never need to apologize to white people for reverse racism. Never.

And with speech and writing, one absurd test for reverse racism is the “substitution” test.

With this test, if you can substitute the word “white” with another race and it reads like racism, well then, it’s reverse racism.

But, wait, since when can we make those substitutions in life?

Black people can hardly be a substitute for white people as superheroes, quarterbacks, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, or other leading roles in the news media, daytime TV, or on the big screen.

So, if we can’t substitute in life, don’t substitute when I write. People make these substitutions because they have hurt feelings, they don’t want to hear about racism, or they believe we are equal.

It’s true — we are equal, but we aren’t even.

There are odd factors in life’s disparities by race.

I’m trying to get even and become even. I don’t want a vengeful evenness; I want a verifiable evenness.

Equality closes no gaps in the stats.

These claims of reverse racism have the familiar ring, ding, and sting of ‘all lives matter.’ That’s because reverse racism is a silencing and stalling technique.

“Reverse racism” is mixed-up and the wrong use of the words. Reverse racism ought to be a call-to-action with an exclamation point to negate and undo racism.

Reverse racism is not a cause of national harm, or a cause for national alarm unless people use the words wrong.




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